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Tilted Fish

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  tilted fish, Aug 08 2008

Well, after a pretty sick run in 200nl and 400nl in may, i have been on another sick run but on the opposite direction! My BR is all time low and i am loosing intrest in this game.
I might just cashout the rest couple of grands to go for live play or something.... or I go pro with my band...I am pretty good actually, here is a coldplay cover video i made.

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  tilted fish, Jun 20 2008

Since my last blog entry things have changed just a bit.
tilted fish is done with pokerstars... I swear

I need a Swedish massage from a Swedish girl....sure they suck at football, but they know how to massage... I am coming to Sweden.

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  tilted fish, Jun 14 2008

This will be my first poker update in ages but I finally have something to brag about:
Past month:

as you can see I play a very loose aggressive game, and it seems to be paying off.
ship it

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